Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Note to self (I)


On December 28, 2011 I will turn 43 (now)
On December 28, 2016 I will turn 48 (5 year horizon)
On December 28, 2021 I will turn 53 (10 year horizon)
On December 28, 2036 I will turn 68 (25 year horizon)

Kaizen: The art of creating massive change via incremental steps.

Law of Possibilities: Given enough time and tenacity, it is possible to accomplish anything.

Happiness: Having the opportunity to pursue a set of goals of one’s own choosing (Aristotle, paraphrased… obviously.)

Actually, I am not sure if Aristotle wrote that. But I still like the way it sounds. [Goal: read The Nicomachean Ethics (Oxford World's Classics)]

Love: Being loved by others is an important as drinking water. Loving others is as important as breathing air. (H.J.)

Decisions to be Made…

I am at a fork in the road.
The pull for comfort.
A nap. Some TV. Ice cream and cookies.
Humiliation, frustration, depression, disappointment.
Or a harder choice.
Decisions to be made. Energy to be spent. 
Exercise. Bicycling uphill into a headwind. Pushing past endurance.
Creativity. Potential. Success.
A nap would be so nice…

On measuring success…

Success is not measured against the immediate. It is accumulated over time. It is a view observed from a distance, where the day-to-day struggles, failings, flip-flops, confusions, mistakes, and seemingly endless flow of regrettable stupidities, smoothed out by the curve, are too small to be seen. Success is a flow of life, energy and commitment that moves with us as we evolve into our true selves.

There will be struggles. There will be setbacks. Of course this will happen. This is uncharted territory. There is no map of where we are going. The important perspective to hold onto is that if we journey with integrity, and we hold onto our vision, even if that vision is forever in flux, then the challenges need not derail us. They are just interesting opportunities to learn, grow and course correct.

From the Zone…


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