Monday, January 30, 2012

Value: Volunteering & Activism

Making an impact

There are a lot of ways to apply one’s vision onto the universe. The art I make. The stories I tell. The relationships I build. The work I do. Sometimes, however, it is also important to give back. Directly. Specifically. Writing a check is one way. This is a reallocation of resource (capital) which (hopefully) allows someone else the opportunity to organize the universe around their vision. A vision which I may share. However, it can be important to not get too far removed from the front lines of the struggles about which I care. The best way to do this is to volunteer the resources of time, intelligence, and creativity, and personally apply them to the project of choice. This can be immensely fulfilling. It can be an opportunity to learn new things. Develop new and unexpected relationships. It also ensures that I continue to maintain a ground-level view of the struggles/projects/goals that are important to me. 

From the Zone... 

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