Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Value: Flexible Human Intelligence

As I wrote previously “as I formed my values-list and my descriptions, I realized that there were some themes that ran through it. Some through-lines that were unique to me, my life experience, my personal expression of self. I decided to try to organize these themes as a top line overview and created 3 short statements: Mission, Attitudes, Perspective.”

So here goes...

Mission:  Creating Change through Expressions of Intelligence, Creativity & Love

Attitudes:  Hope, Confidence & Enthusiasm

Perspective:  A life with no limits

What follows in this post and some of the subsequent posts is my attempt to eat my own dog food. I have been thinking about my values, developing an understanding of what is important to me, and I am going to begin to share some of those ideas here. 

Value: Having my full and flexible intelligence

When I talk about intelligence – human intelligence... our intelligence -- I am referring to something very specific; a particular and unique way in which the human brain (and corresponding “neural infrastructure”) operates.

I define human intelligence as a cyclic, multi-stage process during which a person absorbs information from his/her environment and brings it into conscious (or subconscious) awareness. These can be sights, sounds, smells, ideas (memes) -- information from all of our external and internal sensory organs. 

This information is then evaluated and used to develop a contextual understanding of the current situation based on how it is similar to and different from information already “on file” (information absorbed during previous experiences.) This processed information is then added to the existing record (stored within our memories), thereby increasing the amount of information about the environment available for the next cycle of the process.

When functioning optimally, this process (i.e. our intelligence) creates a conduit to our “Human Inherency”— that unique, personal, “breath of the divine” that makes each of us specifically, individually, ourselves. When the system is working, the connections we make using current and past information from the environment, as well as how we extrapolate that information to both (A.) understand and interpret current events as they unfold and (B.) predict future events, is based on this essentialness. 

Having more information does not make us better or smarter, more intelligent or more human. It does, however, allow us to articulate more informed responses to any given situation and increases the chances that these responses will be successful.

Unfortunately, most of the time, most of us do not function optimally. We have feelings, confusions, addictions, distractions, “conflicting voices”, old resentments, embarrassments, which make it harder to accurately and honestly understand the universe around us and to know and express ourselves as we truly are.

I plan to...

1.  Continue to reclaim my intelligence, removing tensions and rigidities so that I can think clearly;

2.  Continue to grow the store of information I have available so that I can more elegantly and accurately express myself flexibly in the moment as I truly am. 

From the Zone…


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