Monday, January 16, 2012

Value: Creative Intelligence

Creativity, Creative Thinking, Creative Intelligence

Intelligence = Creativity.

All intelligence is creative. Information comes in, is compared and contrasted to information already on file, new connections are made and new understandings take place. This is creation. One does not “have” thoughts. Thoughts are created by our intelligence. Thinking is an act of creation. There is a natural inclination for action to follow thought… for the potential to become kinetic. Potential energy is a form of tension and tension seeks release (think of a coiled spring.) After creating a thought, we can create an action. Take a step, write a word, draw a line, make a noise. With a greater investment of energy, this can become a dance, story, picture, song. If love is the ultimate expression of our humanness, then creativity is the ultimate expression and manifestation of our intelligence.

Human beings are designed to be creative and to express that creativity. Taking time to do so is joyous, cathartic, fulfilling, fun. In the absence of hurts, we would all be constantly creating. In fact, since we are all thinking all of the time, we are, in actuality, doing just that.

I am an artist. I want to create art, write, perform, make music, sing, dance. I want to set aside time to continue to develop my craft and skill so that my creations are as close to an accurate reflection of my thoughts and artistic vision as I can manage.

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